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Dams are a vital part of any cattle operation.  We pride ourselves on having hardy females for both our commercial and purebred herd. 


Female Wish List


This big ribbed, docile, top-end replacement female will be hard to part with on sale day.  This DL Dynamite 18D daughters have done everything right around here.  Her dam is a phenomenal producing Ozz Ideal Direction daughter with our SLC matriarch Lisa as her grand dam.  MacKenzie has an excellent structure on a balanced set of feet and legs.  HDG 14G is A1 bred early for Exact Combination due date of Jan 1st.


Female Wish List

Holyfield did it again for us!  You'll notice Helga's dam is a Bulldozer cow.  Igenity scored 4 stars!  GE-epds show her potential as a power cow in the future, but what I was most excited for was her ultra-low RFI score of 2 and scores 8/10 for ww yw and adg.  EDPs show her as a higher bw heifer but calving ease scores in that 65/70 range, while sporting ww in the top 25%, yw in the top 15, tm in the top 20.  Once again, carcass traits are elite, top 2% for hot carcass weight, top 10 for cfat, top 15% for REA.  To complete the package, she has that nice Boxer style head; she's bigger than our other offering, a little more power in her design, both calves I would love to keep, but a good showcase of what we strive to produce and what you come to expect from us in the future, a right balance of production traits and carcass ability.  We may be new on the block, but good cattle have been a lifelong passion, and we hope our love for Gelbvieh and its potential shines through.

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