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At Long Lane Cattle Co., we pride ourselves in the award-winning Gelbvieh Cattle we raise.  Stay tuned for our Private Treaty Bull coming March 2021. 

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LLC 213H Hyper Nova


This bull has many attention grabbing qualities, when he returned home in the fall he easily matured into one of my favourite bulls. He was raised alongside his mother on native grass and excelled. He has a great hip and carries himself well structurally. Additionally, he is in the top 4% in docility, and this is very evident. Hyper Nova is sired by a Red Angus making him a perfect  50% balancer. He is homo polled, medium red and ready to work. He would make a top herd sire for a commercial producer and will help add those extra pounds in the calf run.

LLC 215H Hyper Space


This bull was born at a respectable 83 pounds, and weaned off his mother at 716 pounds. He has a good, long rib complimented by a straight, structured back. Hyper Space is a 50% balancer and will easily add a great rate of gain to your program. He is topped off with the deep cherry red finish and will produce females you will want to retain to grow your herd and turn your steers into cash. Given his BW he is ready to work for your entire herd. 

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LLC 209H Heavy Hooch


This bull has it all! He has a deep, rich, dark red coat and hair for days. He is a balancer, heavier on the Angus side. He is soggy, deep and tops off the EPD’s with 3% calving ease maternal. His progeny will boast easy calving, putting your mind at ease during calving season. Easy calving and easy fleshing will make you easy money. He is hetero polled, has a huge scrotal and ready to work for you. At a BW of 77 pounds he would make an ideal heifer bull. 

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LLC 200H Hacksaw


This black beauty is long like a train, and just as thick. He has amazing feet under him, and will get across any ground to get to work and breed your ladies. He has a great natural demeanour, never been halter broke, but will walk right over for a head scratch. Hacksaw comes out of one of our favourite dams, who reliably produces healthy calves every year. He is gaining 3.03 pounds per day, and weighed 1106 pounds at 12 months of age. If you are looking to add pounds to your program and produce solid, quality calves, this bull is for you. 

LLC 210 H Hired Gun


This bull is long, deep, has great overall structure and tons of hair. He stands straight and has muscle to go with it. He is in the top 4% for yearling weight, and weaned at 808 pounds. He is gaining around 2.95 pounds per day. This bull is a 50 % balancer putting him into the hybrid vigor class that will be reflected in the females you retain for your program. This bull will not disappoint, he is ready to work. 

LLC 211H Hyperion

This jet black bull is long, walks on perfect feet and was born at a BW of 76 pounds making him a great pick for a heifer bull. His hip is well-made just like his shoulders. His calves will offer great ease and grow quickly, a perfect combination. He is a 50% balancer, hetero polled and ready to go. This bull is a powerhouse in a heifer friendly package. 

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